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RoosterFish® DIY Boat Kits

Composite DIY Boat Kits | Specialty Products | Aquiculture Services  

RoosterFish® DIY Boat Kits

Composite DIY Boat Kits | Specialty Products | Aquiculture Services  

RoosterFish® DIY Boat Kits

 – Composite DIY Boat Kits
 – Specialty Products
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The World’s Best Composite Boats

The World’s Best DIY Boat Kits

Why Roosterfish Boats are the Best:

  • 3D Engineered Precise Interlocking Components
  • The fastest constructions times
  • All composite Glue-N-Glass construction – no wood rot, mold, or bug damage
  • FREE Tech Support
  • Build partners available

Complete DIY Kits

The most comprehensive on the market.

Interlocking Pieces

Our kits will put you on the water fast!

Free Tech Support


RoosterFish Tech Support

Free tech support to help you at every build step.

Comprehensive design and material support.

Free Technical and Design Support

3 tiers of no-cost technical support to our builders:

  • Level 1

    – Live phone and email support.

  • Level 2 – Live one-on-one online video support by appointment – builders can schedule time to interface directly with our design engineers. Builders will be given a walk through the 3D models of the particular areas where clarity may be required. Conferencing with our global materials partners can also be arranged.
  • Level 3 – Custom Designs – we do that too!

We support custom boat and aquiculture designs!

RoosterFish can turn your paper plans into a quick build composite kit. We also provide quick turn aquiculture floating equipment design services too!

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Ultimate Trolling Power For Your Fishing Adventures

RoosterFish batteries provide power for days at half the weight of lead acid.

RoosterFish LiFePO4 batteries provide continuous full power up to 3x the run time of traditional trolling motor batteries. In addition, our run-long batteries offer an exceptional 4x average lifetime value that will likely outlast your boat.

Roosterfish Lithium Ion Battery Kit

ISO Compliant

All RoosterFish boat designs meet or exceed these ratings:

ISO 12215-6:2008 : Small craft – Hull Construction and Scantlings‎. Part 5: Design pressures for monohulls, design stresses, scantlings determination.

ISO 12217-1:2015: Small craft — Stability and Buoyancy Assessment and Categorization — Part 1: Non-sailing boats of hull length greater than or equal to 6 m

ISO/DIS 12217-3: Small craft — Stability and Buoyancy Assessment and Categorization — Part 3: Boats of hull length less than 6 m

Precise 3D Engineering

Our Design Methodology:

The design of a vessel at RoosterFish Boats begins in the AutoDesk Design Suite. Our hull designs are a unique combination of artistic expression and engineering analysis, combining to form a creative process that meets the aesthetic and performance requirements of our RoosterFish boats.

We transform the hull from an idea into a 3D computer model that is verified by precise and detailed analyses. Working in 3D, the designer has the freedom to create any type of hull shape from concept to completion while managing the desired strength, hydro-static, and aesthetic properties.

We focus on the build:

  • We create hull components that precisely interlock for ease of building while maintaining dimensional and shape parameters
  • We define waterlines, and other planar curves so the boat performs on the water
  • We ensure precise fitment of hull sandwich panels to insure hydro-statics are maintained

RF-430CC – Trailerable / Beachable / 20″ Draft
(Under Development)

Once the hull design is complete, we work with industry leaders in composites engineering to develop the material application schedule. Once the schedule is complete, the assembly is run thru advanced modeling and simulations to determine whether the boat meets the our rigorous standards.

Recycled PVC and PET cores yield strong, lightweight assemblies.

RoosterFish specs the strongest cores available for framing and skins. Once fiberglass is applied, these become very strong and will last a lifetime.

Engineered With Green Materials

Hulls: Recycled Laminated Foam Cores

Our hulls (scantlings) are a designed composite sandwich where structured layers of fiberglass fabrics form the outer layer of the foam core. Cores used are durable, impact resistant, lightweight, and can be sanded. PVC and other cores also have excellent thermal and noise insulating properties – the result is an exceptionally quiet ride!

Bulkheads, Stringers, and Transom: Ridged Composites Cores

All cross member bulkheads and stringers are CNC cut and precisely interlock. This offers exceptional strength, resistance to saltwater, fungus, and insects. We do not use any marine plywood due to its weight and propensity to rot over time.

Decks and Storage: Laminated Foam Cores

Decking, storage boxes, and optional center consoles use recycled foam cores dependent on strength and design requirements.


We utilize our RoosterFish TriFloat™ buoyancy system in all of our larger designs.

  • 2 part expanding foam in the lower hull
  • Composite cores that are inherently buoyant
  • Foam under the gunwales

This trifecta of old world design with new age composites give our boats very positive buoyancy. In fact, the gunwale flotation system was originally designed decades ago to assist in righting capsized fishing vessels. Our TriFloat system allows our boats to meet or exceed ISO buoyancy standards and provide the highest levels of safety in the DIY boating market.

RoosterFish Boats partners with industry experts for the world’s most advanced composite boats.

We insure our builders get the easiest to build, safest, and most innovative boat kits on the market with support from our key partners.

Composites One provides RoosterFish with composites for our DIY boat kits and backs the company with technical support and regulatory assistance.

Vectorply has vast engineering resources have helped RoosterFish built strong, light, and efficient boat kits with hulls utilizing optimized reinforcements.

Ubique Technologies provides RoosterFish with “ready to use” kits. This allows our builders to have options to hit the water quickly.

Gurit provides RoosterFish with advanced composite cores. Light weight and strong gives builders comfort their boat is built to last.

You Can Do This!

You Can Do This!