The RF-260GC Guide Cat

This 26′ Guide Cat kit is unique.

Guides know what is needed – lots of deck space, ample storage, live wells everywhere, shallow draft, and the ability to run offshore without a boat change when desired by clients.

The unique and proprietary race inspired hull is very stable due to its prominent cutting bow, wide stance, and stepped / vented catamaran hull. The 1/2″ thick glassed composite core hull makes a stout boat with a quiet ride. The large pilot house and seating pillion provide copious shade, comfort, and storage.

Whether your are heading down the Intercoastal, out to the flats, making a run to the rigs to dive, or out island hopping, the Guide Cat will get you there with roomy comfort and safety.

Preliminary Highlights:

  • Hull draft: approx. 9″ at rest, up in 14″ (dependent on loading)
  • Self bailing deck with 15 inches of freeboard and 18″ of gunwale height
  • Engine rating: 350hp (max 450hp)
  • Hull length: 25.11 feet
  • Hull beam: 8.9 feet
  • Occupancy: 8 (layout dependent)
  • Pilot house helm with seating pillion with integrated icebox, live wells, and loads of storage
  • 1 aft in-deck icebox / live well
  • Elevated bow fishing deck with storage
  • 2 x 60 US gallon fuel tanks (Optional)
  • 2 x 30 US gallon fresh water tanks (Optional)

General Hull Highlights:

  • All-composite hull structure designed by industry leading marine engineers and material specialists
  • 3D engineered hull designed to exceed strength and buoyancy ISO standards for boats over 6 meters
  • Precision CNC-cut interlocking hull components in kit form for private and commercial builders
  • RoosterFish TriFloatâ„¢ buoyancy system

Proprietary Race Inspired Hull Design

Proprietary Inshore / Offshore Race Inspired Cat Hull

Supports 8 Comfortably (With Rear Jump Seats)

High Performance Hull

RF-260GC Product Details:

Hull Variants

In the case of the Flats Addition, the raised platform is cut down to the lower deck height with no gunwale.

Please stay tuned…