RF-190TC (Tunnel Cat) Hull Kit

This Cat Can Carry

This unique tunnel hull improves on old methodologies. At 19.2′ it is skinny, and has the most storage options of any cat on the market. The tunnel features water compression for shallow running. The elevated deck layout is the right mix of fishing comfort and uncluttered deck space for fishing the flats.

The result of our this engineering effort is an ISO compliant, strong, fishing machine that really packs it.

General Hull Highlights:

  • All-composite hull structure designed by industry leading marine engineers and material specialists.

  • 3D Engineered hull designed to exceed ISO 12215-5:2008 and 12217-1:2002 standards for strength and buoyancy
  • Precision CNC-cut interlocking hull components
  • Positive buoyancy options designed for maximum on the water safety
  • ISO rated @ 115 – 150hp
  • Hull length: 19.2 feet
  • Waterline length: TBD
  • Hull beam: 7.6 feet
  • Draft: 4″ @ 1950 lbs.
  • Occupancy: 6
  • 5 – 10′ Fishing Rod Integrated Storage
  • Max. displacement: 3000 lbs.

Innovative Cat Hull Design

Roomy and Elevated Fishing Versatility

RF-190TC Product Info:

Under Construction

Q: Why should I buy a Roosterfish Boat kit instead of retrofitting an older wooden boat?

A: You will spend far less time building our boat kit out than it takes to strip an older hull in preparation for retrofit. You will also likely find in the strip you have wood rot that must be replaced. The transom area is always suspect.

Q: It seems your boats kit is more expensive than others I have seen. Why is this?

A: Our price itself does not tell the full story. Composites are inherently more expensive than plywood because they will not rot, mold, and are bug resistant – a huge bonus is they are also 30% lighter than plywood.  However, using composites and precise machining, our boat kits are designed  to create strong assemblies as every piece precisely and quickly nests together. Since no fasteners are required as parts are tab glued together, the overall time to the water is greatly reduced and expensive shop manufacturing isn’t paid for as in expensive dealer boats.  Bottom line, you save 30%. 

Q: How does your after sales support work? 

A: We offer 3 levels of support ranging from phone calls and emails to video conferences that walk our builders thru issues and questions. Other wood kit providers will sell plans or pre-cut plywood panels and a minimal set of drawings.

Q: How much of your kit is recycled materials?

A: Great question! Around half of the materials in this great boat are recycled composite cores like PVC and PET. When laminated, they provide higher strength to weight ratios over other wood products.