About Us

RoosterFish Boats is founded on proven customer centric principles developed over decades of experience in product design and marketing by the 3 founders. The company is driven by a mad passion for boats, the fishing industry, the environment, and green initiatives.

Shawn Gray, the lead founder, is a visionary with over 25 years of diverse industry and functional experience with large multinational corporations and smaller emerging growth companies. He is an avid inventor, mechanical designer, and a versatile operations specialist experienced in managing complex manufacturing systems.

RoosterFish is leveraging new material sciences and the advancements in 5 axis machining to solve many of the build time issues that plague the DIY boat industry. Furthermore, these new green composites also answer the age old problems such as wood rot, bugs, and weight that requires oversized motors.

With new boats being out of reach for many, RoosterFish strives to become the global leader in innovative and affordable DIY boats for the masses, and provide professional builders with composite design and kitting services – kayaks to yachts.

The company is founded on proven principles of customer satisfaction, integrity, highly technical designs, and unique manufacturing techniques that will disrupt the DIY boat industry.

We are happy to serve you. You can do it, we will help!