RoosterFish Design Services and Aquiculture

Custom Kitting and Design Services:

  • No project too big. Our 43′ RF-430CC is a good example of what can be kitted. From full race to houseboats, RoosterFish can support your build.
  • Our design services include:
    • Design reviews
    • 3D model creation
    • Calculations and simulations thru our naval architecture MaxSurf software
    • Precise composite cutting using 5 axis CNC waterjet
    • Extensive overseas engineering and build service teams that can be leveraged

Engineering support from small skiffs to commercial vessels available.

Many kit suppliers refer you to simple drawings and pictures. Since many of these companies only sell plans under license there is not much support they can provide beyond what was licensed to them originally.

Aquiculture Design Services:

Whether it is automating research systems to reduce operating cost and variability or enabling farmers to class fish in rough water conditions, RoosterFish is committed to developing low cost, sustainable solutions for the aquaculture industry.

RoosterFish efforts are being driven by a shrimp and tuna floating feeder pioneer and physicist from Ecuador. Carlos has many years of developing cutting edge mechanical and electrical products that further the sustainability of fish and shrimp farming.